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Hardy Barracks - MCAS Iwakuni

IKEGO (continued)

(also known as Camp Hakata & Hakata Administration Annex)

Ikego Housing Area
Category: Photos of Ikego Housing Area
Source: Japanese site

Hakata Air Base 1940s-1971
Category: Huge collection of photos of
Hakata over the years
Source: Denis Graham

Ikego Housing Area
Category: Photos of community center of
Ikego Housing Area
Source: Rim Peace (Japanese site)

Hakata Aerial Photos 1946-58
Category: Aerial photos of Hakata Air Base
between 1946 and 1958
Source: Denis Graham

Ikego Nature Preserve
Category: Photos of Ikego Archaeological
Museum, artifacts and Nature Preserve
Source: Japanese site

Hakata 1978 & 1998
Category: Photos of Hakata, Camp Brady and
vicinity taken by veterans
Source: Wes Injerd & Ben Phillips


Itami Air Base
Category: Huge collection of vintage photos
of Itami AB, now Osaka International Airport
Source: Kanji Aranishi

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park
Category: Photos of Uminonakamichi
Seaside Park, site of Hakata Air Base
Source: Denis Graham

Itami Air Base 1950s
Category: Vintage photos of Itami Air Base
Source: Don Weber

Hakata Air Base 1999
Category: Various photos of now closed
Hakata Air Base taken in 1999
Source: Ben Phillips

Itami Air Base 1950-60s
Category: Circa 1950s photos of Itami Air
Base and Osaka vicinity
Source: Jim Miller

(now Haneda-Tokyo Intl. Airport)

Haneda Air Base 1950-60s
Category: Historical photos of Haneda Air
Base, now Tokyo International Airport
Source: Japanese site

Itami AB flightline 1950s
Category: Various flightline photos taken at
Itami Air Base
Source: Japanese site

Haneda Airport aerial
Category: Aerial photo of Haneda-Tokyo
International Airport
Source: Japanese site

Itami Air Base 1950s
Category: Itami AB photos, including Marlon
Brando during filming of "Sayonara"
Source: Dave Agnes

Haneda Airport 1950-60s
Category: Photos of Japan Air Lines aircraft
at Haneda International Airport
Source: JAL


Itazuke Air Base 1970s
Category: Photos of Itazuke Air Base in the
1970s and in 1979 after closure
Source: Patrick Murphy


Hardy Barracks 1950s
Category: History and photos of Hardy
Barracks during the 1950s
Source: Stars & Stripes

Itazuke Air Base 1950-60s
Category: Collection of vintage photos of
Itazuke AB, Fukuoka, Hakata/Brady and more
Source: Chuck Willis

Hardy Barracks
Category: A few photos of Hardy Barracks as
well as other U.S. installations
Source: Dragon's Roar

Itazuke Air Base 1950s-today
Category: Several pages of historic photos
and maps of Itazuke, Hakata/Brady and more
Source: Jim Kenney

Hardy Barracks
Category: Aerial photo of Hardy Barracks and
Akasaka Press Center, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Source: Japanese site

Itazuke Air Base 1950s
Category: Vintage photos of Itazuke Air Base,
High School and Itazuke-Fukuoaka area
Source: Bob Marco

Itazuke AB & vicinity today
Category: Photos and maps of Itazuke Air
Base area as it appears today
Source: Gary Peterson

Hardy Barracks today
Category: Photos of Hardy Barracks rooms
and amenities
Source: Army MWR

Itazuke AB & vicinity 1950s
Category: Vintage photos of Itazuke Air Base
and vicinity circa 1950s
Source: Bob Lee


Ikego Housing Area
Category: Official information and photos of
Ikego Navy Family Housing Area
Source: U.S. Navy


MCAS Iwakuni 1961
Category: Outstanding and thorough cruise
book of photos of MCAS Iwakuni in 1961
Source: VP-61 Patrol Squadron

Ikego Ammunition Depot 1950
Category: Rare photo of main gate of Ikego
Army Ammunition Depot, Zushi
Source: Japanese site

Ikego Housing Area aerials
Category: Aerial photos of Ikego Housing
Source: Global Security

MCAS Iwakuni
Category: Official history and historic photos
of MCAS Iwakuni
Source: USMC


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